Baby Gates And Safety Gates For Stairs

Baby Safety Gates - How To Choose The Right Gate

Choosing baby safety gates for your home at first glance seems pretty simple and straightforward. Just pick a gate and set it up. The truth is, there's more to it than that. Actually, if you pick the wrong type of gate for your needs you could be making things even more dangerous in your home. Here's what to look for in a baby safety gate and how to choose the one that is perfect for your particular needs.

Where Will You Use The Baby Gate?

Before buying any type of baby gate, take a moment to figure out where you will be needing to use the gate. For example, will it simply be used between doorways in bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, etc.? Or will you be using the gate at the top of the stairs to block your toddler from going down the steps? The answers you come up with will determine which style of safety gate to look for, so don't overlook this step.

Two Styles Of Baby Safety Gates

If you're unsure as to why you would need a different style of gate for the above example I'll explain it real quick. Baby safety gates come in two basic styles; one is a pressure mounted gate and the other is a hardware mounted gate.

Using a pressure mounted gate is ideal for putting it up in a doorway or hallway to prevent your child from getting into a specific room, or getting out of the room. They are quick and easy to work with and even better, they are portable. You can set one up in seconds anywhere in your home.

A hardware mounted gate is a bit different in that it is permanently mounted to a wall or door frame. The most popular use for this type of gate is at the top or bottom of the stairs. Since the baby gate is permanently attached to the studs or frame, it provides the most amount of strength possible.

Pressure gates can easily be toppled in most all cases. If you shake one, use it to pull yourself up, or bump into it very hard, the gate will collapse. Baby's and toddlers are naturally drawn to the gate and do this all the time. Imagine what happens at the top of the stairs when the gate accidentally collapses as they are pushing on it? This is why you should always use a hardware mounted safety gate for these areas of your home.

Other Features To Look For

Now that you know the style of gate you need, there are some other features you may want to look for with either type of baby safety gates. The first one is the gate door. I like the ones that close behind me automatically. It makes things so much easier when I'm carrying something and don't want to sit it down to close the door back. On a side note, they are great if you have other children in the home because they can often forget to latch the gate door back when they go through it.

Finally, regardless of the style of gate you need, be sure to get one that is the right height and width for your needs. Not all gates are the same size. If you have a wider than normal opening that you need to use the gate for, be sure to get one that fits correctly. The good news is that most every major manufacturer offers gate extensions or has extra wide baby gates as well.

These tips should help you find baby safety gates that are best suited for your particular needs and make things much safer around your home.