Baby Gates And Safety Gates For Stairs

Hardware Mounted Baby Gates - What You Should Know

If you are just beginning the search for a new baby gate around the house, one of the biggest questions you might have is, are hardware mounted baby gates something I really need? The answer is that it really depends on how you plan on using your gate.

A hardware mounted baby gate is just as the name implies, it permanently attaches to a door frame or wall. (On many models the gate door can be taken off for times you do not need to use the gate) This style of baby gate will come with all the necessary hardware and screws that you'll need to set it up quickly and easily.

When To Use A Hardware Mounted Baby Gate

If you have stairs leading up to the second floor in your home, or you have a basement with stairs leading down to it... you'll want to install a hardware mounted gate. A pressure gate works well for all other areas of your home, but only a hardware mount can provide you with the safety and security in preventing your child from going down the stairs.

Children are drawn instinctively to a set of stairs. They love to climb and the only way to protect them from an accident is to permanently attach a gate. It protects them when they shake the gate back and forth, or when they use it to pull themselves up. A pressure gate is not designed to withstand that kind of stress and can easily give way, along with your child right behind the gate.

This style of gate also works well in other areas of your home in which you want to have more permanent protection. It could be a home office or kitchen that you want to be sure your toddler can not get into while you're not around.

Always Measure Before Getting A Baby Gate

One of the major tips to keep in mind before buying a baby gate is to be sure an measure the opening you plan on using the gate in. Unlike a pressure gate that can fit all different sizes without issue, hardware mounted baby gates are designed for specific widths.

If the gate you are looking at is not wide enough, consider getting an extension for it. Most every baby gate manufacturer has optional extensions you can purchase so that the gate will fit any size of opening.

Finally, you can find these types of baby gates available in both wood or metal. Either style is fine and both are equally as strong in providing ultimate protection. It really comes down to what you prefer. You can shop around and check out the various reviews to find the gate that is right for your needs.