Baby Gates And Safety Gates For Stairs

KidCo Safeway Gate Review

When it comes to safety gates for the top of stairs, you have a wide variety of different makes and choices. That said, this KidCo Safeway Gate may be one to stop and take a serious look at. Here's why.

As a parent of 2 small children, the importance of a good, strong baby gate can't be over exaggerated. It's all about safety for you baby or toddler and this gate from KidCo does a solid job.

KidCo Safeway Baby Gate

The first thing you'll notice right out of the box is that it comes in an attractive white finish. When you pick it up you'll then get a feel for the strength of this gate due to its tubular steel makeup. It's not flimsy by any means.

The design for the KidCo Safeway baby gate is for a permanent mount to your wall at the top of your stairway. The hardware, which is included, allows you to install it into the studs of your wall with ease. (On a side note, with any type of stairway gate that is permanently mounted, be sure to always screw into the wall and never use drywall anchors.)

The gate itself is very quiet and swings open in either direction with simple to use one hand operation. The nice thing is that the gate opens up to where it can rest flat against the wall if you don't need to use it and want to walk up or down the steps without having to open the gate each time. But…the gate can also be unhinged and taken off in only a matter of seconds if you wish. Very nice aspect to this gate for sure.

This KidCo safety gate is designed to fit openings from 24.75 – 43.5 inches wide. If you require a gate with a larger opening, you can buy an extension kit made specifically for this model gate. The gate will also work well for most all hand rails and walls that are angled.  

You can find this gate online at sites such as Amazon for less than $60, and get free shipping to your home. Reviews have been very good from other users and it carries a 4 star rating. In addition, one of the leading independent consumer organizations has named it your top choice for any baby gate for stairs. We would also agree with that as well. It's a top performing gate that will last for years to come. You can find out much more by going to their website at: KidCo Safeway Gate