Baby Gates And Safety Gates For Stairs

Retractable Baby Gates - They're Not What You Might Think

When most people think of a retractable baby gate they remember back to the old days and those scissors type of gates that would always pinch your fingers or other areas and would cause an enormous amount of pain. You may in fact remember those all too well! Today, these gates are nothing like that.

You'll find them built with unique mesh material that won't hurt your child, but remains sturdy and strong in preventing them from getting out of any room in the house.

Retractable Baby Gates

One of the best things about this style of safety gate is in how easy they are to handle. They work great when mounted to the wall because they can be rolled up and hardly noticed that they are there. Then, when you need to use it again you simply roll it back out and connect it together. In a snap you have a baby gate set up again.

Places in your home for use with this type of gate include doorways, hallways, and other wider areas that call for a much larger gate. For example, if you have a much wider opening of say 5-6 feet, you might want to consider a gate like this.

One place I wouldn't advise using them is at the top of any stairs you may have. A much more sturdy hardware mounted gate makes a much safer choice.

Setting up a retractable gate is pretty straightforward. They come with all hardware and instructions and attach to your wall with screws and brackets. Setup time is minimal and anyone can do it.

A tip to keep in mind when shopping for this style of gate is to be sure the mesh is not spaced out in a way that would allow your child to use it to climb up it. Today's certified gates are all made to where this can't happen, but some older styles may have too much room in between the mesh.

Some of the more popular models include the Dream Baby Retractable Security Gate and the Lascal Kiddy Guard Retractable Baby Gate. Oh, if you still have one of those old accordion style gates sitting in your garage or storage sure and toss them out.