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The First Years Hands Free Gate Review

As one of the most popular pressure mounted baby safety gates, The First Years Hands Free Gate gives parents both safety and convenience. Here's a look at what you can expect with this model.

The biggest benefit that The First Years baby gate provides is its simple opening operation. You simply step on the pedal and knee the gate open. It is truly easy to open, yet difficult enough that little ones can not do it themselves.

This means that when you have your hands full with groceries, laundry or even holding your toddler, you can quickly open the gate without having to drop everything and use your hands. Closing the gate is only a matter of giving it a gentle nudge and hearing the gate latch shut. 

The First Years Hands Free Gate

The hands free safety gate opens in either direction for added convenience, and is designed to fit door openings of 29-34 inches wide. A gate extension kit is also available and increases the width up to 44 inches. Because this is a pressure mounted gate you won't find it scratching or marring the walls and doorways.

The bars on this model are vertical, so any worries about your child being able to climb on the gate and get over it can be put to rest. The bars are also spaced apart to make it virtually impossible for any baby to get caught in between them.

As good as this baby gate is, there are drawbacks as with any product. The biggest one I found was in using the gate in a doorway and being able to close the door. Since the small foot pedal sticks out a bit, most doors will not close. The other drawback I could find is one of stability. Using the gate at its outer limits without the extension kit added on can be a stability issue. The best thing is to get the extension kit for use in widths over 30-32 inches.

Priced at less than $45 on Amazon, The First Years Hands Free Gate has received over 600 reviews and an incredible 4.5 star rating average. This is unheard of for products with this many reviews. I agree with other reviewers, this is a solid gate that would be a welcome addition in any home with babies and toddlers.

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